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The Voice of Liberia is lending a voice to the voiceless and providing a platform to shed light on socioeconomic issues and development rights of women, children and other disenfranchised groups through its advocacy.  

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Our Story


During a fifteen-year (1989-2003) civil war, Liberians were reduced to a state of mind that inhibits hate in the minds of victims and a yearning for revenge against those who sponsored young rebel warlords who carried out wanton atrocities against innocent civilians. The trauma and shock have left generations of Liberians scarred from the experiences and voiceless at the same time.  Even after more than a two decades of relative peace, ordinary Liberians have not felt the economic gains touted by successive government. The majority remains in poverty and there is a growing desperation amongst the young population, causing many to result drug and alcohol abuse, gangsterism, and crime.  

The Voice of Liberia was founded in January 2005 and later registered as a 501(c )3 charitable organization in the State of New York.


The Voice of Liberia champions the socioeconomic rights of disenfranchised citizens through advocacy, awareness, & empowerment. We envision a society and our communities worldwide, where individuals, groups, and institutions live in harmony with respect for the rule of law, human dignity, and in economic prosperity. The Voice of Liberia is a community-based advocacy organization focused on people's empowerment through advocacy, awareness, and education. 


The Voice of Liberia (VOL) is a media advocacy organization with emphasis on promoting the socioeconomic rights and development of women, children and other disenfranchised citizens of Liberia who have been suppressed by decades of political and social disparity.


The Voice of Liberia is committed to promoting the rights of women and children by advocating through local and international actions and strategic alliances that promote:

  • Leadership development;

  • Gender equity in health; 

  • Education and;

  • Economic development.

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