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Joseph Nyuma Boakai wins presidency in Liberia

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Monrovia, Liberia: October 19, 2023 


Former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr commonly known as JNB, and his Unity Party Coalition have won the October 14th presidential runoff elections Liberia. The recent presidential elections took place on October 10th and a run-off between Boakai and President Weah was more than "a thriller in Manila." as the two heavyweights duked it out until the final tally results were announced by the National Elections Commission.


JNB's victory not only belong to the Unity Party Coalition, but to the pace loving people of Liberia. 

We congratulate the people of Liberia for their peaceful conduct during the just-ended runoff Presidential elections and to congratulate President-elect, Hon. Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr and Vice President-elect, Hon. Jeremiah Kpan Koung on their historic victory.

On behalf of our team  we want to express our thanks and appreciations to all candidates who participated in the recent elections, most especially President George Weah, for his concession and for his service to the nation. We applaud President Weah for keeping the peace.

We must now embrace peace and reconciliation and join hands in support of the new administration as we move forward with the development agenda of our country.

Liberia remains challenged in terms of socioeconomic development, humans right abuses, amidst a culture of impunity that permeates our society. The people have suffered for far too long, and it is time that we put Liberia and its people first.

Liberia’s challenges of reform, redress and reconciliation are legacy issues which we have faced as a nation since our founding some 167 year ago.

We remain optimistic that JNB and JKK shall lead the charge and chart a new course to transform Liberia through responsible stewardship, transparency, and accountability.

Finally, we must make no mistake about the need for electoral reforms and the urgency to root out corruption within the NEC Liberia and government at large.

Remember, justice and accountability will always be the hallmarks of good governance and for a peaceful coexistence.

Let's make Liberia win again and put our people back to work.


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