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Photo of the Week

These featured photos are iconic snapshots to showcase some of the work of The Voice of Liberia, its volunteers, and supporters.  

The changing of leadership at the Executive Mansion in Liberia (outing President George Weah and incoming President Joseph Nyuma Boakai (November 24, 2023)

Elections day across Liberia: massive voters turnout and queues reported across the country.

- October 2023 

Former Liberian warlord, Alhaji Kromah, who led the infamous ULIMO-K during the height of the Liberian civil war (1990-2003) posed with his men.

Photo credit: Jamues Fasuekoi. 

Rice, a potential for wealth creation. Click here to read article.

Rice issues have also contributed to Liberia's violent past, including its civil war. 

Rice is eaten by millions of people around the world. It is Liberia's staple food and its shortage or news of its shortage in the country propelled the "Progressives" to seize the opportunity that lead to protests in 1979. A year later, it would lead to a bloody coup d'état in 1980 led by Master Sargent Samuel K. Doe. Rice remains at the heart of Liberian politics and it is a bread and butter issue. 

Week of March 2022


VOL/Photo: This is a partial view of the E.J. Roye Building. Prior to Liberia's civil war, this building was used as the headquarters of the True Whig Party and a symbol of one-party and dynasty of the one party rule. The building has been in ruins for more than three decades now on Ashmun and Lynch Streets in the heart of Monrovia. Several citizens have been murmuring, and others have called out authorities of the erstwhile TWP and the government of the day to do something about this building, as it poses danger to people who use this route.

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