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Military Trials in Guinea, Conakry sets new hope for justice

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Will Liberia follow suit....?

Front Page Africa, Liberia's premier newspaper published an opinion piece in December 2022 from our Founder about the ongoing trials in Guinea of former Head of State, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara and his co-defendants, including Toumba Diakite, former Aide de Camp to Mr. Camara and others, for the massacre of more tha 150 civilians, the torture of opposition figures, and for the rape of hundreds of women during an opposition rally back in 2009.

We say "Bravo" to the valiant people of Guinea.

Did you know that former Interim Head of State of Guinea, General Sekouba Konate, had command of ULIMO (a Liberian rebel group that is accused of war crimes) at the time?

Capt. Moussa Dadis Camara in 2009 | Photo source: Wikipedia

While Guinea and other nations are pushing to end the culture of impunity; successive Liberian regimes and their leaders have chosen to protect war criminals and those who financed the 15 year un-civil war that destroyed lives and left the nation's infrastructure in ruins.

The Liberian people continue cheering on perpetrators of "war crimes" and economic criminals onto state power, while the young generation is without a future. Only in LIBERIA!!

In order to re-build nation that respect the rule of law, humans rights and human dignity, Liberia needs an awakening and divine intervention to end the culture of impunity once and for all.

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