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Voting for another “underachiever” as president in October will only prolong Liberia's suffering

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

As the campaign season heats up ahead of the October 2023 poll, I, like many who aspire to see a great Liberian nation, are wondering if the people on the other hand have learned anything from previous governments after 175 years of independence.

In video: Tamba Aghailas leads voter awareness as Liberia prepares for general and presidential elections on October 10th.

The current political class of Liberia is in a league of extraordinary underachievers and voters must critically examine those seeking elected office before voting them in this year’s general election.

With immense natural resource wealth, lush soils for agriculture, and a people yearning for change in policies that will transform the welling of all; Liberia deserves better.

Liberians can do better! The bulk must stop with each of us who seek to see our nation developed beyond our wildest dreams.

And for this to be possible, it will take the collective re-awakening of a nation, if Liberians are to learn anything from our rich history.

Voting for another “underachiever” as president in the October presidential election will only prolong our underdevelopment and economic stagnation.

It is time to elect a true great president of Liberia!"

Photo: Tamba Aghailas in his vegetables garden.

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